pátek 19. května 2017

Yarn Adventures: Rauwerk

Hi, my dear readers ♪

Ever since I "infected" Rommily with knitting we meet almost weekly for a knitting chat at café and make trips to local yarn stores :D ho hoo

In April Rommily discovered a new ETHICAL yarn shop in Munich, so we had to go there immediately. The place is called "Rauwerk" and it's a tiny little shop with a super-kind owner who enthusiastically told us about origins of every fibre and where are the sheep from and what dyes were used and what plans she has with the shop for the future (th original Rauwerk yarn from Munich sheep is something I'm incredibly looking forward to ♥).

We were there almost an hour, maybe more ? And I touched all the yarn :D mu ha ha ...and of course I couldn't leave with bare hands ! But it was so hard to choose something, because whaaa ETHICAL-YARN-NATURAL-DYES-ALL-THESE-COLOURS !

In the end I picked four skeins of Semilla Extra Fine from BC GARN in beautiful ash-blue and I plant to knit this Mini Pullover from Teti on Ravelry . Seriously, I can't wait to cast on ...♥

With owner's approval I snapped a few pictures of the shop, so you can have one more reason to visit Munich (¬‿¬)

Of course I had to wear one of my own knits when I knew we're going to yarn store ! It's something like a little ritual of mine :D ha ha
I was super-happy when the Rauwerk owner instatnly recognized what pattern my pullover is ! It's great to meet people who understand you (✿◠‿◠) ♪

badger pins: AnEnglishGarden on Etsy
tote bag: Lush cosmetics
pullover: "Breathing Space" knitted by me
leggins: BlackMilk Clothing
shoes: Vagabond

I hope you're all doing fine ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

čtvrtek 11. května 2017

Elweera Style

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today it's just a simple outfit post ♪ I don't know if it's still interesting to do these? But I like to keep this "online fashion diary" because I easily forget what combinations I made up or what looks terrible and I should never wear it again :D

So here's one from April. We went to Ikea just for "a few things and look around" and of course we came home with a car full of new stuff, plants and candles ...

I like wearing these big shirts instead of cardigan when the weather is warm already, but I still don't trust it enough with just a t-shirt ! Combined with highwaist shorts and dark tights I achieved a perfect Elweera look and the only thing which was missing to look exactly my dragon-girl OC were gold horns :D ha ha

Also you can see my new tattoo from Striga quite well on these photos ♥

And after a while I tried to draw my outfit again, but adlkjfdkj it's so hard to draw... myself?!! I can't see my distinctive features or anything D:
Our art class teacher always told us that it's the hardest thing to draw people you know best and she was so right !

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone 

čtvrtek 4. května 2017

Enchanted Mesa

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As you probably noticed from my current knitting projects, I decided to knit less shawls and more sweaters/pullovers/tops, because... yeah, let's be honest - I have way too many shawls for now ...
(Even though some colours are still missing ! And I will of course continue with my elven knits ♥)

The first sweater is finished and I'm soooo happy about it !
You know that I admire Stephen West a lot - not only because of his designs, but also for his originality and the way he presents himself :) I like crazy colourful (gay) guys ! (✿◠‿◠) 
And this pattern was love at the first sight - so weird, so many possibilities, no strict gauge, opportunity to use leftovers and handspun yarn and loooong slim sleeves ♥

I put this color combo together quite a while ago, ordered more yarn and everything, but it took me some time to actually start working on it. Shame on me ! This is so much fun to knit *o*

I used so many yarns - Drops Alpaca, Drops Flora leftovers from the Westknits KAL, tiny bit of Angora from Rowan (the black part on sleeve) and most importantly a handspun yarn from Han in this beautiful "seashore" colorway ♥ (I'm using way too many hearts today...)

When I was almost at the end of this project, the weather gone wild and it was around 21°C which is absolutely not a sweater weather, so I got sad, because that meant it will have to wait in my wardrobe until autumn......but then the weather gone even wilder and it was 0°C + snow - so I could wear it all week long :D ha ha

We took photos on one super-rainy weekend, when it looked like there wasn't a single moment without rain pouring from the sky. But I really wanted to take these photos, so we took umbrella and went just a few steps from our home to this office house, did a few snaps and went quickly back :)

Surprisingly these photos ended up looking pretty cool and the umbrella is a nice detail ♪

I wouldn't recommend this pattern to beginners, because there are some more complicated things than just knits, purls and k2togethers :) I personally had a real struggle with the very beginning, because this was my first time creating a welt ?!! I googled it for a while ...but in the end whoa ! It's a pretty cool thing !

Also the sweater shape and the way it fits is not for everyone - you need to be at least a bit crazy and like weird, oversized garments with a lot of different colours (= perfect for me)

My knitting projects at the moment are (still) the SousSous pullover and unexpected Shawl Shirt from German designer Susanne Sommer which I recently discovered on instagram and now I need like 80% of her things, because everything is sooo good ! I started the Shawl Shirt right away - I'm using (AGAIN) hanspun from Han and my yarn souvenir from London - Debbie Bliss Donegal ♪ It's almost finished, so you'll hopefully see it soon here, too :)

this is an old photo

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 27. dubna 2017

March Mori

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today it's just a quick mori outfit post ♪

On one March Sunday we decided to visit greenhouse of Munich's botanical garden with Rommily, because it was the last day of butterfly "exhibition" - there should be hundreds of exotic butterflies flying around ! 

Unfortunatelly we weren't the only ones going there on the last day and as we arrived at the place there was an enormous line of people waiting to get inside... fuuu ain't nobody got time for that !

So we turned around, took the first tram in city centre and spent the afternoon in Café Mozart with strawberry mojito and talking about lolita fashion&knitting ♪

I planned my outfit for the greenhouse, so I wore my dear sprout beret and second-hand floral dress from Gudrun Sjoden... I looked a bit like a weirdo in the café, but I'm used to it :D

beret - TaoBao
scarf, dress - second-hand
brooch - DIY
cardigan, tights - C&A
shoes - Mustang

I hope you're all doing well ♥
Let's keep fingers crossed that the weather is going to get better soon ... !

čtvrtek 20. dubna 2017

Pinakothek der Moderne

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm back after Easter holidays and some nasty Windows update which stole all letters from my computer, so I couldn't write anything :D We successfully got rid of it and now I hope it won't install itself again before I'm finished with this post, or something like that ...

In March we did another from our Sunday museum outings and this time we picked something bigger - museum of modern art/architecture/furniture - everything !
Pinakothek der Moderne

The place is sooo pretty ! I love modern architecture with all these huge glass windows and wide stairs and a lot of concrete, fresh air and bright daylight everywhere *o*

Seeing the evolution of computers or German furniture design was amazing (remember how we visited school of Bauhaus in Dessau? I'm still into this stuff ♥) !
While on the second floor were displayed all kinds of beautiful and freeky modern art from Warhol, Picasso, Magritte, and much more *___* whee heaven !

 (this is a chair *o*)

 aww ♥

jewellery room

 this instalation consisted of two rooms full of ...everything glued together with duct tape, decorated with Nietzsche's quotes and occasional old-school porn pictures ...

For the occassion I was wearing something less natural and went for a two-coloured outfit with repeating pattern (I almost never wear such outfits, because I don't have enough clothing and accessories anymore :D) ♥

Also please take a close look at my AMAZING KNITTING BROOCH handmade by super-talented CZBATERKA ♥♥♥

I made this "inverted" cardigan, remember :D? It's crochet !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥