středa 17. srpna 2016

Tollwood 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Since we live in Munich I finally managed to visit the summer Tollwood festival !
I heard about it many times while living in Ingolstadt, but from what others were saying I always thought it's just a three weeks long serie of shows and concerts of all kinds of bands and performers.
We were thinking about going last year, when there was Morcheeba, but then just... got lazy and didn't...
And it was a huge mistake !!!

Because this year I found out that the festival is happening just a few minutes with bike from our new home and what's more - my friends from Munich told me that it's not only about music, but there is also a HUGE market with all kinds of fair trade, bio and handmade stuff *o*
Clothing, accessories, food from all parts of world !
How could've we missed something so amazing ??!

We went there about four or five times ? Almost every Friday and sometimes even in working days =D Because whaaa so much to do, so much to see, so much to eat !

My favourite part was an Indian tent, where you could buy a lot of cute stuff from India, taste some delicious food and even watch traditional dance performances which always ended up in little Indian-disco - the performers played some pop music and invited people to dance with them and it was a lot of fun =D

I tried to take some photos every time I was there, but I always had only phone or my old camera with me, so they're not top quality... but hopefully you can see the atmosphere at least a bit ♥

Of course I had to dress up for the occassion !
I wore my new YELLOW dress from SanuBabu which I bought in Prague at the beginning of spring ♥
My mum couldn't believe her eyes when I told her that I'm buying something yellow =D 
Yeah, times are changing... sometimes I'm still evil goth, but I also don't mind looking like a sunshine ♪

Also it was really cute how people wore the most hippie stuff they found in their wardrobe for the Tollwood festival ! It's something you don't see quite often here in Munich, because people are mostly into denim, grey and sport clothing =D It was nice to fit in after a while ♪

 We're fierce !

 This backpack is one of the many cute things I bought at Tollwood ♥
I was looking for a nice, good quality, ethically-made backpack for quite a while which was kind of impossible task, BUT then I discovered Folk Design at the festival and they had SO MANY of them *o* I coudn't chose which pattern I liked the most, so in the end Honza picked this one for me =D I love it ! It's perfect for travelling, light, waterproof and looks pretty with everything ♥

Here have one family photo at the end =D

I hope you're all having amazing summer ♥

středa 10. srpna 2016

Cables & Shelob

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you two quick summer knitting project I finished recently ♪

Both have something special in them.

The first one is Cable Braids Headband which is the very first pattern created by Han and published on Ravelry *o* ! I started working on it right after it was published and literally picked the first yarn leftover I found =D And it happened to be my favourite Drops Delight in colorway n.10 ♥ So now it matches perfectly with the "Japan Shawl" I made of it as well !

The pattern is super-easy, quick and perfect for anyone who would like to start with something more complicated than just basic garter stitch... for example - my favourite - cables !

The second project was really spontaneous, because I had no plans for knitting a bolero and then suddenly magical ffrench released a new "Shelob" pattern and I fell in love with it ♥

Not only it has LOTR-related name, but it was also perfect yardage for the skein of handspun lama yarn I bought on medieval fair at the beginning of summer ♪

Again, this pattern is super-easy, quick and fun, so I really recommend it to beginners... for example as the first lace project =) 

I finished it just on time for Kaltenberger Ritterturnier, but just in case of bad weather we took some photos of it few days earlier, combined with "normal" clothes.
(I'll show you the fantasy version in the post about Kaltenberg ♪)

 (what a beautiful tan I have this summer >_<)

Now I'm working on ehm... four projects at once =D
The "Spark of Grey" shawl is very slow progress, but I'm working on it... then a Hufflepuff lace shawl from the softest yarn I ever used.... "Nix Hoodie" full of perfect postapocalyptic imperfections and... a secret tiny little project for one tiny little human ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥
... and knit faster, winter is coming !

pátek 5. srpna 2016

June Meet-up

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of June we did a little meet-up with my friends do celebrate Vanilla's birthday ♪
First we planned to wear lolita fashion, but in the end it was too hot and humid for petticoats, so we dressed up more lightly =)

The plan was to go together to Pick'n'Weight, visit Japanese supermarket and then to our new favourite asian restaurant Ni House ♥ (food there is just amazing and the staff already remembers us, because we go there together everytime we meet and also sepparately with our boyfriends and husbands =D ha ha)

Inside Pick'n'Weight was incredibly warm, but still I managed to find two great things !
The blue/ivory dress will be perfect for hama-girl outfits and the one on right is great for summer mori or anything else - I just love the balloon shape it has !

In the Japanese supermarket was even warmer, but that didn't stop us from buying A LOT of stuff =D
I got a gluten-free miso soup, tea-flavoured bonbons, lychee gummy "bears", rice paper, lychee lemonade for Honza and a delicious ice-tea for myself ♥

Even though it was too hot for lolita, I still wanted to wear something cute ♪
I found this amazing dress/jsk in thrift store just a few days after we moved in Munich, but it was cold since then and I couldn't wear it until now...
I combined it with my super-old blouse from Prague and the cutest toadstool brooch from Czech Fler shop Amélka

(it has pockets !)

I hope you're all enjoying summer ♪
It's been raining the whole day here in Munich and the temperature sinked to 13°C from yesterday's 27°C x_x 
Summer, please come back !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 1. srpna 2016

Release Me

Hi, my dear readers ♥

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2016 was to start doing something serious with my art.
Draw a lot, learn new techniques, finish some sketchbooks, take commissions, open shop, make a portfolio, be able to call myself illustrator ... because after all these years of wondering about what do I want to do with my life and what is the thing I'm the most passionate about and I would never get tired of so it could be my full-time job, I came to a conclusion that THE THING is

Yep, I'm that crazy person who decided to be an artist.
Illustrator, to be more specific.

I was drawing ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand and producing tons of scribbles on everything at home. I always admired people who were studying art schools, they all looked so cool and free and amazing and I wanted to be one of them... but I never really made it to an art school... ha ha... I was too lazy to make 100000 works for etrance exams and was told by my parents that I'm hopeless and if I ever wanted to be an artist now that dream is gone, because I'm lazy-ass and without a school I could never be a professional... and so I gave up
Just like that.

I got back to drawing when I discovered manga, but got this "envy syndrom" after a few years, proclaimed myself to be even more hopless and gave up again...

Then the big change came, I moved to Germany and was alone most of the days at half-empty apartment in country I didn't know, full of people I didn't understand. So I went to grocery store, bought a cheap sketchbook and begun drawing out of boredom... 

In these days I started following Striga on FB. She was getting better and better with every picture and suddenly people starting to ask her to buy her pictures, she had small exhibitions in cafés, people had tattoo designs done by her - I bought one as well - and suddenly I realized that it is possible. You don't have to have the best art school ever to be an artist. You just need to work hard.
And so I did.
I do.

I managed to overcome my envy, I'm drawing daily, I'm sketching a lot, I do art challenges, I'm experimenting, I'm bying a lot of new art supplies, I visited art class, I'm admiring other artists instead of being envious of their skills, I get inspired by their works, talk with them, ask them about things, support them. Because that's what I wish for as an artist. I found out that appart from working hard every day on your skills, you also have to be part of the "community". Not because of fame, or number of likes. I don't really care about how many followers I have, I'm just happy to see that someone likes what I do and it motivates me to work even more =)

I'm still working on it, I'm not even halfway there, but at least I'm finally sure about what I want to do ! 

I wrote this big text mostly for people who are struggling with something similar and hope that it maybe help at least a bit =) if not,I would recommend to watch Fran's YouTube chanel, because there is the big motivation you need - trust me ♥

For a while one of my dreams was to open a shop with my art. Originals, prints, postcard, clothing, bags, or other cute stuff with my own designs.
I was super-scared about it and it was Striga who did the final push and conviced me to do it...
so I did... ha ha... here's my own art shop on Etsy ! whoa *o*

I also have a Society6 and REDBUBBLE, because why not !

And REDBUBBLE is what are today's outfit photos about ♪
I ordered some of my stuff to check the quality and here is the first one of them - contrast top with a print of my picture "Release Me" ♥

Also, can you tell that I adore my new summer sandals ?? =D

And long time no song, so here's the one which inspired me to draw this picture ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

středa 27. července 2016

Burton Vestigan

Hi, my dear readers ♥

A while ago I discovered this amazing pattern by Ela Torrente and I was sure, that I will knit it one day - for me or for my husband ♪
I was just contemplating about what yarn to use when Lanade came up with a sale on Malabrigo Chunky, which is exactly the same yarn used for the original version of this design.

...and then begun the worst part - what colour to chose ??!
I love the dark-green version of the original, but I already have a green vest... grey or black is too sad... a few minutes I was sure about violet... and then... dark blue happened !

So I ordered it right away and started knitting as soon as I picked up the package. The main plan with buttons was to buy them in Amsterdam - and I did ! I found these big cuties at Stephen & Penelope and now they remind me of their amazing shop everytime I wear the vest ♥

I started the project in the middle of May and thought that I will probably have the chance to wear it at the end of September, because it was already getting warm... oh, how mistaken I was !
It was 13°C for more than two weeks, so I was wearing the vest every morning for dog walks =D
With two pockets and a nice big comfy collar it's perfect for cold mornings ♥

Even though it looks quite complicated at first sight, it was really relaxing, easy knit. I haven't been knitting with such a thick yarn for ages and it grows so fast in comparison with my usual fingering weight yarns =D  

...oh and I finally learned how to make pockets !

Gorjuss bag - Santoro
galaxy skirt - ages ago in H&M
shoes - Vagabond

I didn't have a chance to take some nice photos outside, because it was raining all the time. So I took these photos before we went to take a look in a huge art supplies shop Boesner which recently opened in Munich. I think you can imagine the look on my face when I stepped in the huge supermarket filled with all kinds of art stuff ...

Of course I couldn't leave without emptying half of my wallet... here's what I bought... 

gold leaves, small handmade paper cards, Ecoline Brush Pen for lettering, gouache challenge accepted, small brushes and this hi-tech liner from Pentel =D

... and here's my first try with it... it's nothing super-special, but quite cool to work with ♪

Speaking about my art... did I already tell you that I opened an Etsy shop with originals and recently added postcards with my tea fairies ♪♫♪ ?

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥